Small pets and animals for sale in Oregon, OH

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They're both no more than a year old, and have been fed well. They are healthy and they have good eating habits. They are marsupials, which means the females have a pouch for the babies. The fur is very soft and silky. They come with all the other accessories including: a 4 3 2 cage, a water bottle, a hammock, a wheel with a mount, two bowls with mounts, toys, bonding bag, sleeping pouch, and a...
We JUST purchased this super cute hedgehog but my daughter is allergic to it. They are supposed to be hypo-allergenic, but my kids are allergic to most animals, this one is apparently no exception. Comes with a carrier, blankets, toys and a big ball for it to play inside. Also, have an almost full bag of litter and shampooing supplies. Asking price we paid $125 OBO. I can send you pics if you g...
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